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Raising the standard of
web 3.0 marketing

Are you a project owner looking to grow your player-base and implement a long-term marketing strategy?

If so, you will want to check out the services that Madlan Media can provide!

Who Are We?

Madlan Media

At Madlan Media, we are pioneers in the realm of Web 3.0 marketing, revolutionizing the way projects achieve long-term success. With our deep understanding of the latest trends and technologies, we raise the standard by implementing the key strategies to propel your project forward.

  • ​Worked With Most Of The Top Project On WAX and Polygon
  • ​Over 500 Videos Created
  • Over 100 Web 3.0 Guides Created
  • Key Partner with Warrior Lion Gaming

core principles of marketing


creating hype

In a crowded market, creating hype for a web 3.0 video game is crucial for teams to stand out and attract a large player base. We help generate excitement and anticipation to ultimately drive higher sales, ensuring the game's success in the competitive gaming industry

Here are some examples:

  • ​Game Launch Videos
  • ​Pack Drop Promos
  • ​Big Feature or Event Videos
  • ​AMA Recap Videos
  • ​Collaboration with the Top Content Creators

onboarding players

For a web 3.0 video game, effective onboarding of new players is essential to ensure a positive user experience and encourage player retention.

By providing clear tutorials, intuitive interfaces, and engaging gameplay introduction, teams can help new players quickly grasp the game mechanics, feel comfortable navigating the virtual environment, and ultimately foster long-term engagement and loyalty.

  • ​Beginner Guide Videos
  • ​Discord AI Chatbot
  • ​New Player Checklists​
  • ​Strategy and Player Guides

keeping players long-term

Maintaining a strong focus on retaining existing players is crucial for the success of a web 3.0 video game.

By offering engaging events, regular updates, and a responsive community, teams can cultivate a loyal player base, foster a sense of belonging, and ensure long-term engagement. This leads to sustained success and growth in the ever-evolving landscape of Play to Earn gaming

  • ​Engaging Player Only Events
  • ​Regular Updates
  • ​Responsive Discord Support

Consulting Services 

Unlock the full potential of your project with our white glove marketing consulting service.

We specialize in creating unparalleled hype, seamlessly onboarding new players, and fostering long-term engagement to ensure your game's success in this dynamic landscape.

With our expertise and tailored strategies, we'll help you captivate audiences, convert newcomers into loyal players, and keep your existing community thriving for an unbeatable gaming experience


Flexible Payment Options

Project teams will have the option to buy bulk orders of the services or a la carte.  We also offer a monthly subscription model that provides additional bonuses  


Custom Packages

Are you looking for a game launch video, series of beginner guides and a banner ad?  We will be happy to do a custom package that includes a discount. 


Priority Recording

By purchasing services from Madlan Media we will make your videos a higher priority over other non-partnership videos to meet your timeline. 


Payment Options

We accept several different payment options, including WAX, MATIC, BTC, and USD. 

Close Partnership with

warrior lion gaming

Warrior Lion Gaming is a content creator and marketer that is focused on Web 3.0 Projects and Games on the WAX and Polygon blockchains. We strive to provide the best gameplay reviews, blockchain news, beginner guides and tips for success with NFT gaming!

services that we provide


promotional videos

These are videos ranging from 15 to 25 minutes that are focused on promotional activities like game and event launches, pack drops or antyhing else that needs hype.

Here are some examples:

  • ​Game Launch Videos
  • ​Pack Drop Promos
  • ​Big Feature or Event Videos
  • ​AMA Recap Videos

beginner and strategy guides

Attracting new players to your project is only half the battle. Onboarding them and keeping them there is the tough part. Providing great beginner guides will make the transition much easier for new player.

  • ​Great For Onboarding New Players
  • ​Helps Retain Players Longer
  • ​Easily Answer Questions In Discord​
  • ​Perfect for FAQ Sections on Website

video sponsorship

Become the sponsor of our weekly blockchain recap videos or monthly top 10 lists.  These are high visibility videos that are promoted highly by our team.

  • ​Visibility On Our Most Popular Videos
  • ​Viewed A Wide Range Of Active Players
  • ​NFT Giveaway Opportunities
  • ​Includes Streaming Sponsorships 

Other Services 

These servers are coming soon and can be included in promotional packages..

  • ​Website Banner Ads
  • ​Featured Project Of The Week
  • ​NFT Collaborations


What others are saying about us

"Working with Warrior Lion Gaming has been an absolute pleasure. His professionalism, clear communication, and deep understanding of our project have impressed us. The quality of his visual recordings and voice-over work is top-notch. We highly recommend Warrior Lion Gaming for anyone seeking professional videos that truly elevate their projects."

- Marius Kalamala - CEO of Danu Games (Avalon)

"We have been collaborating with Warrior Lion for many months now, and he has become more of a friend than a collaborator.  The honesty with which he approaches every video and project, offering to users a competent and objective perspective on projects and their status. Definitely one of the first content creators we entrust with advance news about new releases"

- Lykos - CEO of Inuk Studios and Creator Farming Tales

"Warrior lion is a critical part of the the growth and success of Novopangea. Warrior’s ability to easily understand a game and communicate it to a new player has been the team’s go to for onboarding. Outside of the talented video production, his professionalism made it a no brainer to work with. Our team could always count on him to deliver high quality content on time!"

- Mike - CEO of Novopangea

"Hands down the best independent channel on WAX!  We always wonder which is the access point on WAX chain: WLG is the perfect one.  Top-notch content for Web3 gamers!"

- Nicco - Taco Universe

"We've been working with Warrior Lion Gaming for a few months now. Personally, I commend his flexibility and dedication. There's a room for growth for sure, but he's very thorough and passionate about Web3 games, and it really shows!"

- Olga - Wombat

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